Different Types of Articles Published In Scientific and Academic Journals & Their Scopus Publication Fee

Today’s journals publish different types of scholarly and scientific articles. There are many categories used to tag articles and it’s confusing. If you are familiar with the types of articles published, you can determine if you can publish the article (in a particular magazine). Let’s take a look at the types of articles published in scientific and academic journals in this blog post.

Original Articles

Most Journals publish original articles. The original article contains a detailed explanation of the approach used to carry out the original survey, the findings obtained using these methods, and the implications of the main results. The design of the original article is usually analytical and includes a discussion of defined research questions, hypotheses, and how the results approve or disapprove the hypothesis. The original article is the most appropriate format for an article to be published in a magazine. However, article length, editing style, and structure will vary from magazine to magazine. For example, a scientific treatise should include sections for referrals, methodologies, results, and discussions.

Theoretical Articles

Applying theory to real-world situations and events is the main reason for publishing theoretical articles. Theoretical articles introduce and explain abstract principles and ideas in established or new ways. The summaries are specially created for knowledge, with a focus primarily on ideas designed to explain and predict phenomena. Theoretical articles have been peer-reviewed and no empirical studies have been reported. The main purpose of this type of article is to predict the phenomenon, but the purpose of the article may be research. The vocabulary, extensions, and languages ​​used in theoretical articles must be of high quality for publication in the journal.

Review Articles

Literature reviews, often referred to as review articles, are one of the articles published by journals. Review articles take a broader perspective from public sources or limited disciplines. Review articles often go beyond the publication of the year. However, the main focus of the article tends to be the same. In other words, it is an evaluation of aspects of the research field. This type of article highlights and discusses key themes, debates, theories, gaps, and trends in this study. Long reviews include all sources related to publish topics, and short articles focus on publications of particular value.

Description of Research Methodologies

A complete description of research methods is provided in the Methodology section of the original article, but research methodologies are still the main focus of some journals. The method section described here should be meaningful and different from the original article section. Some Journals briefly describe innovations and changes in technology and equipment. The structure of the research method remains the same, but the research method must be tested, discussed, and proven to have potential value for the research area. This type of article will be reviewed by an expert before publication.

Research and observation of reports

Articles based on observational studies include case studies/case reports (events, individuals, phenomena, or locations are investigated), field notes, anthropology, scientific explanations, historical objects, etc. Reports published under various names, such as articles in. poll. Observation articles are descriptive and require testing hypotheses and predicting the basis of observation and the form of analysis. Case studies should be used as the basis for a broader generalization and should provide space for informed predictions and actions.

Notes or Letters

These articles are short data reports of the original articles. Journals publish notes and letters to encourage readers to do more research on the subject. These items are urgent and have strict length restrictions. The topics of this type of article are within the scope of academic and scientific journals and are commonly referred to as micro-articles, research reports, technical notes, and conference presentations.

By estimating the final cost of publishing per article based on the revenue generated and the total number of articles published, it is estimated that the average Scopus publication fee to publish an article is around $ 1000 to $ 4,000 (Open Access).