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Upon payment has been made (Payment Complete). Automatically the author(s) of corresponding paper will accepted and agreed to the Registration Terms and Conditions. Please be informed that all authors must follow Registration Terms and Conditions defined below. This Terms and Conditions are made and places into several sites and letters. In the event of any discrepancy between all such versions, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail on the official website of the IIARP Conference Group. IIARP reserves the rights, from time to time, to change and amend the Terms and Conditions of the IIARP Conference, without notifying the author.

Official IIARP Conference Group Terms and Conditions

  • IIARP has fully right to transfer or to change any paper/article to any other active SCOPUS (Elsevier), Web of Science™ Core Collection, ESCI, SCIE indexed journal or vice versa that seems fit for all conferences WITHOUT author consent.
  • Issue of dropped or discontinued from the SCOPUS (Elsevier), Web of Science™ Core Collection, ESCI, SCIE indexed journal, please bear in mind once IIARP has paid to publisher and at that time the journal is still indexed in the SCOPUS (Elsevier), Web of Science™ Core Collection, ESCI, SCIE indexed journal data based and been on line for quite sometimes, then effective from any specific month the journal is no longer indexed, IIARP cannot be blamed on this issue. Besides that, if during the online publication/editing process by the publisher (publication fee has already made to the publisher), These indexings partners are suddenly drop the journal from the list, IIARP cannot be blamed or no refund will be given since Indexing websites never mentioned in advance that there are journals under observation.
  • The author must ensure the article is written in compliance with the tracks of the conference. IIARP has the right to cancel any article for a journal that does not comply with the submission guidelines with / without the consent of the author and co-author(s). If the document requires a copyright, the paper must sign and submit the copyright form. Otherwise, we ‘re not going to entertain and accept the article even though the author has paid for the article and NO REFUND will be entertained.
  • Author and co-author(s) fully understand that the publication of the journals will take 6 – 10 months from the date of the conference. It may be higher than the dates indicated (more than 10 months) if the queue for publication is long on the Publisher side.
  • Each paper will cater for one Author Registration only. Other authors must pay as Participant without Papers if the other author or other person wishes to attend the conference.
  • Virtual Presenter (Didn’t come to the conference) The Participant / Presenter cannot ask for any material to be sent to the Author UNLESS at a certain fee (Email IIARP Conference Group). IIARP is entitled not to publish the paper unless it appears for an acceptable reason. The author may, however, represent another person in order to obtain the conference material. Certificate cannot be given as the presenter did not submit any work unless with the permission of the IIARP.
  • IIARP does not provide access to the Publisher database. Author must use their institution’s subscription for access purposes. Author and co-author(s) have no right to request a copy from IIARP. Hardcopy or softcopy versions will never be provided by either the IIARP unless Publisher provided for Free Access.
  • The final manuscript submitted to IIARP can not be corrected / edited. If there is a participant or author who would like to do so, CONTACT THE PUBLISHER DIRECTLY.


The registration fee received by IIARP is non-refundable. The paid amount can be used as a stored credit for any of our upcoming conferences.

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