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The IIARP (International Institute of Academic Research & Publications) has played an important role in the publication of conference articles/proceedings for a number of universities/institutions across worldwide. Aside from publishing research papers in relevant international journals, we are delighted to assist you in organising international and national conferences.

Our coordinators are corporate communication specialists, and an event management professional with experience in academic and research event management can assist you in putting together a smarter and more memorable package for your event/conference. IIARP would be in charge of overseeing all aspects of the conference's planning and execution in order to ensure its success.

We plan, develop, and execute the whole conference or event. In terms of conference planning, we would provide the following services to our clients:

Here are a few things, we at IIARP are engaged in,:
  1. Every year, we host high-quality international conferences in universities and institutions.
  2. Universities/Institutions can participate in IIARP conferences as Academic Partners, Co-hosting Partners, and Organizing Partners.
  3. Facilitating publication in all internationally renowned journals with a high impact factor Journals that are Scopus-indexed, ESCI-indexed, Web of Science-indexed, IoP Conference Series-indexed, and Google Scholar-indexed
  4. Under the free schemes, IIARP's aid in planning and presenting wonderfully educational and illuminating Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars/Symposia, and Webinars.
How to Collaborate with us?
  • Step-1: Choose a date, theme, and a conference location.
  • Step-2: Send us the a Proposal draft.
  • Step-3: Choose the Mode of Conference(Discuss with our Coordinator).
  • Step-4: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) should be signed by both parties. We will send you a signed copy of the MOU.
Please submit your Collaboration proposal / Enquiry to : [email protected]
Or WhatsApp: +91-9827776101

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