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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated time for reviewing my article?

The review process will have a duration of approximately 7 to 10 working days.

When can I expect to receive a notification regarding the acceptance or rejection of my article for the conference?

After the review process is completed, the conference committee will send the article decision (accepted/ accepted with revisions/ rejected) via official email. Please check your inbox/spam folder for the decision.

Can I assume that nothing is happening if I don't receive email messages from the Committee?

Sometimes our announcements may end up in your SPAM folder due to email restrictions. If you've already submitted your article and it's been more than 14 working days, please check both your inbox and SPAM folder.

What actions should I take after receiving an email of acceptance?

To confirm your participation in the International Conference, please register before the registration deadline.

  1. The payment instructions and details for online/offline registration fee payments are clearly outlined in your Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
  2. Please send us a scanned copy of the filled-up registration form, along with proof of payment such as a receipt or transaction record, before the conference registration deadline. Without the receipt, we will not be able to move your registration status to the next step.
  3. The delegates will be responsible for paying any bank service charges on the sender's side, along with the registration fees. Once payment is confirmed, we will send a confirmation of registration.
  4. Upon approval of your payment status by the admin, you may submit your full paper for journal publication. It is mandatory that all full papers submitted adhere to the template specified on the conference website.
  5. The committee will ultimately provide recommendations for the journal that align with the quality and context of your paper, following a thorough scientific review process.

Is the conference registration fee required to be paid upon acceptance?

You do not need to pay anything before receiving notification of acceptance for your article/LOA. However, please note that if payment confirmation is not received by the latest deadline (20 days before the conference date), your participation in the conference will be cancelled. Additionally, you will not be able to submit your full paper for journal publication until payment has been made.

Is the fee for publishing in the conference journal included in the registration fee?

The registration fee, which includes charges for conference participation only, is non-refundable. For complete information and details on the facilities offered, please refer to the "Registration Page" on the conference website.

What is the duration of the journal publication process?

The publication timeline is provided on the conference website's homepage. It is subject to the journal's publication schedule and the review process. However, authors can check the status of their publication by logging in to our TRACK YOUR PAPER.

Privacy Contact Information

If you have any inquiries, issues or feedback regarding our privacy policy, please reach out to us using the contact information provided.
By Email: [email protected]
By WhatsApp: +91-7008522861
This policy is subject to changes, which will be posted.

Will all papers that are accepted be published in a Scopus Journal?

The quality of your article plays a crucial role in determining its acceptance for publication in a Scopus Journal. There will be a thorough scientific review process to determine the appropriate journal recommendation for your article/paper.

How can I confirm that my manuscript meets the requirements and is being moved to the next stpe?

After review, the committee will notify the journal details and review report via email. Typically, a decision is made within two weeks of submission.

Can I assume that everything is okay if there is no information regarding plagiarism check results in my email?

It is possible that our announcements may end up in your spam folder due to email restrictions. If you have already submitted your manuscript and it has been more than 14 working days, please check both your inbox and spam folder for an email from us.

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